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Data Integration and Digital Platform Development (Bowls Australia)


Bowls Australia’s Vision was ‘To reposition how the sport of bowls is seen and perceived in Australia and internationally through a dynamic digital platform’. Prompted by a review of digital systems and assets, Bowls Australia (BA) embarked on a journey to transform its digital platforms. BA found a number of challenges within its existing systems that were leading to inefficiencies in time, money and effort. Some of these problems included:

* Generic competition management & scoring platforms that didn’t cater to BA’s needs.

* Multiple systems with overlap in function – but limited integration – creating unnecessary manual tasks.

* Differences in technology priorities across varying departments and roles.

* Siloed and inconsistent competition and participant data.

* Inability to collate and report on data. This limited BA’s ability to validate commercial value to potential shareholders.

Bowls Australia selected us as its technology partner due to our best-of-breed platform and customer-centric approach to creating a digital platform that caters to the intricacies of each sport. Our team recognises that getting the small details right makes a big difference.

Project Details

Project: Data Integration and Digital Platform Development
Client: Bowls Australia
Industry: Sports
Outcome: Bowls Australia and SavageBull have launched the ‘Bowls Link’ digital platform with a number of seamlessly integrated modules, that share and exchange data.