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Media Monitoring Solution - Department of Premier and Cabinet (Western Australia)


The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) in Western Australia has operated a media monitoring unit for over 10 years. The unit was highly manual and inefficient, drawing on disparate data sets. DPC wanted to expand its offering to other departments and agencies within the government and required a major upgrade to the operation. The key priority was to deliver a strategy that improved the quality of, and connection between, technology, data and processes.

Our team were successfully appointed in June 2020.  The project was delivered to production in September 2020. The project allows the media monitoring unit to provide the following services:
* Creation of print, online, TV and radio clips
* Creation of ongoing news summaries and bulletins
* Categorisation of clips by topic of interest
* Central storage of all data
* Automatic alerting content to users via scheduled and immediate emails
* Collaboration between team members, sharing of clips, grouping and reporting of clips
* Comprehensive reporting on; staff performance, user activity, copyright etc
* Integration with existing systems and data sets

Project Details

Project: Media Monitoring Solution
Client: Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) in Western Australia
Industry: Government
Category: Technology